Sunday, February 19, 2012


nothing to do then
just wanna watch spirited away then


i got lot stuff to do in another way like tumblr or niconico so...

im busy thenndnfkdmfklsdf

Hetalia time

ok Hetalia Time is something like a hetalia meme get it?

ok here's the rules:

You have to draw ONE character if you have a time.every character in ONE

i give some examples here :

1st hetalia time: Macau

2nd Hetalia Time : Hungary

3rd hetalia time: Hong Kong

lol im not good at drawing stuff

yeahhhhh im a boo boo then lol
*had to change something on this blog so*

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

uhh whoops...O3O

I' very sorry to you guys who schooled at SMK usj 13 D:

Im abit lazy to go there yesterday and Monday bcuz lol idk. my thought that it was suppose to be the last day of school but oh well i hoped you'll understand what i mean :/

tommorow is special day for my new kinda bit nervous btw but oh well :////

and for my friends at smk usj13,im terrible or extremely apologize for not saying goodbye btw i felt so stupid btw lpoloollololkopskdposkdlskdkdsokdosidkoj

im very very sorry btw.D:

if i have a time, i'll buy some nutella or lepak-lepak somewhere if you like,want to go out or something lolz except im on pms,because i hate it DX

lololol idk what im doing btw i need to go to sreep.

tommorow im goin to school by tommorow.Well i wonder how's people's personalities looks like >.> *shot*

Monday, January 23, 2012


Ok then,hi

Im Arissa and sometimes im using this thing becuz i addicting with other site.

ok...this is kinda awkward. o v o

urm..i liek anime..and i have a weird feelings btw.feelings a weeabo <.<

dont tell anyone okayh?
uuhhh god i feel like,im gonna drawing something around here but.....'A'

ok then that is all

omg im so stupid

ok guys im gonna refresh everything in my blog now

i mean
deleting and stuff

ok then im gonna do it now...